We love our Dutch and Belgium Brandshops!

In the Housevitamin Brandshops consumers get inspired and they can buy a big part of our collection. Brandshops are always cooperation’s with our B2B clients.

It works this way..

A Housevitamin Brandshop is a selling point in a shop. We build our characteristic Wooden House and style it with Housevitamin items. It is always a cooperation with our retail clients.
We build the house and help with the styling at first. After building it, the retail client manages the brandshop and orders new items when needed.

•  The advantages of a Brandshop are:
•  More Sales
•  Inspiration for your customer
•  The ‘I want it all’ effect
•  Free Wooden House
•  First styling together with the Housevitamin team
•  Custom made

Are you also interested in a Housevitamin Brandshop?

Don't hesitate and get in contact with us: sales@housevitamin.com

Visit our Brandshops at:

Loods 5 (Amersfoort, Duiven, Maastricht, Sliedrecht en Zaandam) -  Pandstore (Meppel)  -  BijSTOX (Venlo)

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