Housevitamin is created by us, Thomas and Mischa. We love creating interior stuff that makes you smile. It’s not just a label: it is all about black and white living, with a golden sparkle and designs that are original and sometimes a bit edgy.
We started the label, because we wanted to make hip and happening interior more reachable and affordable for everyone. Design used to be very expensive and not easy to style.
Housevitamin has changed that and showed everyone that hip design can be affordable, fun and very easy to mix and match.

Every item has a passion, a story and lots of creativity behind it. The items are born with their own story and identity. Most of the times they are developed from a personal need for it. You can read about it all about in the product descriptions.
Also when you buy our items, you can read the Housevitamin Story: these stories always make people smile, so please don’t remove them to early.
As a person, we love to be provocative sometimes. You find this in our collection and quotes as well: Just because we can and because it makes life less serious and more fun.
You all deserve interior stuff that makes your home beautiful, trendy and fun.

With love, Thomas & Mischa  ♥

Thomas en Mischa

Meet the 'Housevitamin Family'

Our dream can only become true, thanks to the best people who surround us. 


We are also lucky to have internships through the whole year. They all leave a sparkle to our team.
Together with fabulous business partners we have created fantastic Housevitamin Brandshops: Housevitamin Houses where we can welcome and
sell to consumers. You find them al
l here.

Last but not least we have the best friends and family who are always thinking with us and are critical sounding boards when new ideas and products pop up.

Welcome to the Housevitamin Family!